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Ruhr Museum | House rules

House rules


Smoking is prohibited throughout the Ruhr Museum. Animals are also not permitted in the former coal washing building. Assistance dogs are, of course, excluded.

Medically prescribed walking aids are permitted in the building and exhibition rooms. Free wheelchairs are also available for a visit. If required, these can be reserved at the Ruhr Visitor Center before your visit by calling +49 (0) 201 24681 444.


Our free checkroom and lockers on the 21-meter level are available for jackets, coats and other clothing and bags during your visit. Bags larger than 20 x 30 x 10 cm, backpacks, suitcases, umbrellas and back carriers for children represent a security risk and must be handed in at the checkroom or locked in the lockers with the insertion of a 1 or 2 euro coin. In case of doubt, our counter and supervisory staff at the entrance will be happy to inform you whether an item may be carried.

For safety reasons, we may also restrict access with strollers at times. Baby carriers and buggies can then be borrowed free of charge from the checkroom.

No liability is assumed for the checkroom and the contents of the lockers.


Food and drink are not allowed in the exhibitions. For their storage, please use our free checkroom or the lockers on the 21-meter level. For the care of babies and small children, please use the 24-meter level of the Ruhr Museum.

Our supervisory staff is responsible for carefully protecting the objects and furnishings from hazards. Be sure to keep a safe distance and do not touch anything. Please follow the instructions when you are reminded by our staff.

In order to ensure a pleasant stay for all visitors, we ask you to observe the principle of courtesy and respect towards other guests and our staff. Please behave in a way that does not disturb other visitors. Cell phones must be switched to silent in the exhibition rooms. Please refrain from using the telephone in these rooms. Please use the phone on the 24-meter level or outside.

As an accompanying person of small visitors, we ask you to fulfill your supervisory duty out of consideration for other visitors and for the safety of the exhibits. Running and romping around in the exhibitions is not permitted. The Museumtasche Rätsel-Reise Ruhr Museum in the permanent exhibition and our quizzes in the special exhibitions provide lots of fun and variety.

Passages and emergency exits must be kept clear at all times. Please pay attention when using stools and during group tours. Emergency exits are to be used only in case of emergency.


Share your enjoyment of the exhibitions and objects with others or record your impressions for yourself. We allow photography and filming for private purposes without flash, tripod or selfie sticks for smartphones. For commercial or editorial photography, filming and audio recording, prior registration and written permission from the Ruhr Museum is required. Please contact the press department in advance at presse@ruhrmuseum.de. Commercial use of all recordings is not permitted without permission from the museum.

For recordings of any kind on the outside grounds and in other buildings, please contact the press office of the Zollverein Foundation at presse@zollverein.de

or find out more at www.zollverein.de/ueber-zollverein/newsroom/fotografier-und-drehgenehmigungen/.

We will be happy to help you with any questions or suggestions you may have.

We wish you a pleasant stay.