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Ruhr Museum | Schaudepot Ruhr Museum

The Schaudepot of the Ruhr Museum

Coking Plant at Zollverein, Salt Factory
Opening time

Only as part of a public or booked guided tour


Participation in a public guided tour
per person 11 €,
reduced € 9,
Children/young people under 18 and pupils/students under 25: €5

Only bookable online


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The new Schaudepot (Show depot) is a walk-in museum warehouse in the spectacular industrial setting of the former salt factory on the Zollverein UNESCO World Heritage Site. There, the Ruhr Museum displays around 25,000 otherwise hidden treasures from its archaeological, natural science and historical collections. During a guided tour, you will wander through more than 110 years of collection history, get to know key objects and take a look behind the scenes of a regional museum.

Since the depot does not display classic exhibitions on a specific theme, it has a very different dynamic than a museum. It serves as a comprehensive repository for future exhibition projects on the history of the region and impressively illustrates the substance, size and diversity of the three collections as well as the three main tasks of a museum: collecting, preserving and researching.

Like the Ruhr Museum's permanent exhibition, you walk through the building from top to bottom. The passage of time across the levels of nature, culture and history begins chronologically with the oldest collection items of geology and leads via archaeology and holdings of the Middle Ages and early modern times to the area of industrial and contemporary history of the last 200 years.

The photo shows an exterior view of the Ruhr Museum's display depot at the Zollverein coking plant
Display shelf in the foyer of the Schaudepot with a cross-section of the collections
The photo provides an insight into the Schaudepot with its three large collections on the nature, culture and history of the Ruhr region as well as the impressive industrial backdrop of the former salt warehouse. You can also see the floor inscriptions Nature - Culture - History in the atrium.
The photo shows a view of the "Nature" level and in particular the Fuhlrott collection
The photo shows a view of the natural plain
The photo shows a view of the culture level
The photo shows a a viewat the levels of culture and history
The photo shows a view of the level history. Among other things, you can see miner's lamps, chewing hooks and pneumatic hammers.
The recording provides an insight into the levels of nature, culture and history. Furniture from the Ruhr Museum collection can be seen, among other things.

The Schaudepot can be visited only within the framework of guided tours. They last 90 minutes each. In addition to regular public tours, there are a number of specially developed offers for families with children, school classes, adults, senior citizens and for a specialist audience. Each tour can also be booked as an individual group tour. Please discuss your own thematic focus and other stops on your visit with our visitor service.

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The conversion of the Salt Factory on the Coking Plant of the Zollverein UNESCO World Heritage Site into the Ruhr Museum's new Schaudepot was funded under the National Urban Development Projects program. It is one of seventeen projects funded nationwide by the German government "that have model character and radiate beyond regional and even national borders."


Everything important about the Schaudepot

You can view the flyer for the Schaudepot here or download it as a PDF.

Exhibition flyer (PDF)