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Ruhr Museum | Coking coal bunker

Coking coal bunker

The "Kokskohlenbunker" (coking coal bunker) of the Zollverein coal mine, Shaft XII, is located in the immediate vicinity of the Coal Washing Plant, the main building of the Ruhr Museum. The two buildings are connected by conveyor bridges. Through these, the coal, which was separated from the waste rock and classified in the coal washing plant, was transported on conveyor belts and temporarily stored in the coking coal bunker. From here it was either transported via further conveyor bridges to the nearby Zollverein Coking Plant or to the railway wagons waiting under the coking coal bunker, which took it to the trade.


In 2008 and 2009, the lowest level of the coking coal bunker, the so-called funnel or distribution level, was converted into a multifunctional space for various needs of the Ruhr Museum. This is where mainly the museum's educational events take place, but also lectures, discussion events, receptions and meetings.


The approx. 200 sqm room is impressive because of the six large funnels in the ceiling, which form the end of the huge coal bunkers above. The bright, daylight-flooded room is equipped with state-of-the-art media technology and has separate sanitary facilities and cloakroom.

Thanks to a flexible, soundproof wall, the room can be used for separate events or several working groups with equally flexible seating as a lecture hall for up to 150 people. The event room at a height of 6 metres is connected barrier-free to the ground level by stairs and lift and directly to the Ruhr Museum's permanent exhibition in the Coal Washing Plant via a bridge. It thus offers optimal conditions, especially for educational events.

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